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Talent Management Partners

Cornerstone's integrated talent management suite covers the employee lifecycle from onboarding through learning management and performance measurement to succession planning (and even outside to your customers and partners).

Composica enables organizations to create compelling, highly interactive e-learning content through a social e-learning authoring system. The company’s flagship product, Composica 4.0, revolutionizes the way in which content is created and managed.

For more than a decade, dominKnow Learning Systems has been creating eLearning and mLearning authoring software. The company's flagship product, Claro, is a feature packed, web-based collaborative authoring platform for creating, managing and delivering high-quality learning.

ej4 is a leading-edge provider of sales and marketing communication and all-employee training on a global basis. The company provides off-the-shelf programs on topics such as compliance, leadership, selling skills, safety, personal productivity and more.

Human Resource Systems Group Ltd. (HRSG) delivers competency-based services and software solutions to leverage talent and propel organizations to higher levels of success. HRSG is committed to providing services and products precisely tailored to meet client needs using the most advanced knowledge, tools and techniques in the field of human resource and talent management.

Knowledge Accelerators, Inc. is a media production company that offers a complete set of rich multimedia knowledge content for organizations of any size. The company has more than 10 years of experience specializing in self-service, knowledge solutions and custom content creation that provide a total solution for capturing and delivering information.

For more than 30 years, Medcom-Trainex has been a leading producer and distributor of multimedia healthcare education — from print materials and award-winning videotapes to interactive CD-ROMs and Internet-based educational products.

SkillSoft is a leading provider of on-demand learning solutions for global enterprises, government, education and small to medium-sized businesses.

The company's off-the-shelf content is designed to keep employees engaged and participating in training programs — a key contributor to achieving your business productivity goals.

Founded in 1978, Soundview pioneered the concept of distilling the key points and ideas of full-length business books into easy-to-read 8-page text and 20-minute audio summaries, helping executives maximize their time and business intelligence.

The Human Equation, a solid leader in online training and risk management technology solutions, has built a national reputation for excellence in content development and design principles. The Human Equation builds content and other solutions for a broad range of enterprise risks including: Risk management, Compliance and Human resources.

Vivid Learning Systems is a leading provider of online training performance solutions focusing on safety and compliance. The company offers several hundred courses from one of the most comprehensive and diverse compliance libraries on the market.

Xyleme Inc. is a leading provider of XML-based, SCORM 2004-certified learning content management systems that enable single-source publishing of learning content to eliminate content redundancy, improve information quality and decrease time-to-market for customized training products.

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